Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order Wholesale?2019-05-14T13:39:51+00:00

How Do I Order Wholesale?

Please use our contact form to get in touch with the company to place a wholesale order. Wholesale orders have minimum quantities and you must have a valid business tax ID number.

What Is Your Return Policy?2019-02-26T02:06:01+00:00

What Is Your Return Policy?

Unopened products can be sent back to the company for a full price reimbursement within 30 days. Once the product is opened, there will be no returns. Customer is responsible for return shipping.

What Is Your Shipping Policy?2019-02-26T02:03:59+00:00

What Is Your Shipping Policy?

Shipping is charged from the lowest cost from the carrier in your area.


Domestically, the shipping charges are by weight of the package and to delivery zip code on your order. Please allow 2-5 working days for delivery.


Internationally, the shipping charges are by weight of the package and to the postal code and country listed on your order. Please allow 5-10 working days for delivery depending on your country

Do You Use Independent Third Party Testing For Your Products?2019-05-02T15:32:33+00:00

Do You Use Independent Third Party Testing For Your Products?

Yes.  You can find our recent batch lab results by clicking here.

How Do I Use My VV CBD Products?2019-02-26T02:00:07+00:00

How Do I Use My VV CBD Products?

Each product is different, from oils to lotions. Please follow the instructions we give to you on delivery.

How Do I Store My CBD?2019-02-26T01:59:08+00:00

How Do I Store My CBD?

To keep your CBD fresh, please store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. This will ensure you get the best shelf life for your CBD.

Will I Get High?2019-02-26T01:57:50+00:00

Will I Get High?

NO. As stated all of our products are harvested from “industrial Hemp” and contain only trace amounts of THC. You will experience zero psychoactive effects from taking our products.

Is CBD Legal?2019-02-26T01:56:56+00:00

Is CBD Legal?

CBD Oil/Hemp Oil and other hemp products are considered to be food-based. Our hemp CBD oil is non-psychoactive and legal in all 50 states of the U.S and many countries around the world as it contains only trace amounts of THC. As such, there are no restrictions on the production, sale and consumption of hemp oil in the United States.

How Is VV CBD Manufactured?2019-02-26T01:55:57+00:00

How Is VV CBD Manufactured?

Vis Vires has sourced Our Hemp from Colorado, U.S.A., where it is grown and harvested organically. We use solvent free CO2 extraction to extract the beneficial molecules. This is the tried and true method for separating and purifying plant matter without the use of dangerous chemicals.

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