About Vis Vires Nutrition

Vis Vires Nutrition was founded in 2018 by Andrew Wood. Drawn to the industry by the many research proven health benefits of CBD. Andrew set out to source and ultimately provide people with the highest quality CBD products.

Vis Vires CBD was born!

In late 2018 Daniel Rubenstein, a sports agent with Ruby Sports & Entertainment, joined the team to help the company get fully off the ground and continue to grow.

Our Mission

Vis Vires Nutrition is a full service nutrition and strength company.

Our aim is to help as many people as we can by committing to supplying the highest quality CBD products available.

Whether you are a sporting superstar looking to aid recovery or sleep, a person struggling with arthritis or a business man or woman looking to use CBD for anti-anxiety for those all important meetings we will make sure to have you covered!

Why VV CBD Is Unique:

We have added natural terpenes for absorption and brain receptor activation.
Terpenes are the natural oils found inside botanical plants that give them their taste and smell.
They are an essential part of getting the full benefit of CBD.

Pure Hemp CBD – Zero THC

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of many medicinally valuable compounds found in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD is not psychoactive. This means it produces no “high” when taken. It does, however, have a variety of medicinally useful effects. CBD has been shown to have the following effects: pain relief, reduced inflammation, seizure prevention, cancer cell death, nausea relief, anxiety reduction and reduced incidences of diabetes. CBD has a wide array of applications and is non-habit forming.